Happy Hikers Club

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Do you love hiking?! Do you love adventuring?! Do you love nature?! Do you love community?!

Join The Happy Hikers Club.


When I moved back to California a few months ago I started hiking again. I realized how happy it made me to be out in nature and moving my body. Not only were my legs sore the day after a hike, but I felt so much mental clarity too.

Hiking has made a positive impact on both my physical and mental health. Hiking makes my heart happy.

That is why we decided to launch Project Happy Hikes!!

Because….hiking makes your heart happy.


We are launching a movement, a movement to get humans to make heart happiness a habit. The Happy Hikers Club encompasses this. We are a group of humans who love to get outside and hike. Hiking, adventuring, nature, and community all do wonders for your heart health. Our goal is to create awareness around heart health by getting out and doing what we love. Join the club - we can’t wait to meet you!


We can’t wait to have you join us on our next hike! Project Happy Hikes are monthly hikes where we get together, go on a rad hike and fundraise for heart health. Our next hike will be in Los Angeles, CA.

Wanna lead a hike?! Send us a message.

All “Happy Hikers Club Tee” purchases directly benefit our mission to inspire and support living a heart healthy life both physically and mentally by making cardiovascular care accessible for all.