Make Heart Happiness a Habit.

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Project Happy Hearts inspires heart healthy lifestyles through education, prevention, detection and giving back.

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Heart Health

A Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart. Project Happy Hearts is on a mission to inspire and support living a heart healthy life both physically and mentally.

Our foundation spreads awareness about heart health with content, events, screenings, and through giving back to those affected by heart disease.


Heart Screenings

Heart disease is the #1 killer in America. We’re here to change that statistic. Project Happy Hearts hopes to shift the medical world’s focus on treating heart disease to preventing it. We believe this change starts with wider access to regular heart screenings, which is why we provide them for communities across the United States.



AMericans Die From Heart Disease

1 in every 4 deaths in the United States of America is caused by heart disease.



Americans Are At Risk

About half of all Americans have at least 1 of the 3 key risk factors for heart disease.



Americans Can Prevent it

A heart healthy lifestyle could prevent at least 200,000 American deaths each year.


Heidi’s Heart

What Makes Your Heart Happy? Heidi was born with congenital heart disease. Getting hit hard with a series of heart surgeries as a young adult inspired her to make a difference and bring joy to others. Her mantra? “Life is short, live it with a happy heart.” She started Project Happy Hearts to share that spirit with the world.

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Happy Humans

Be an advocate for heart happiness. Shop our activewear collection. All proceeds directly support our mission to make cardiovascular care accessible for all.


“ This cause brings happiness and joy to all of those it touches. Project Happy Hearts brought some cheer when my son needed it the most. ”

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Get Involved

Join the project. As the saying goes, it takes a village. We need your help to make significant changes to heart disease in our country. There are several ways to get involved with Project Happy Hearts. Learn more below.


Sign Up For a Screening

We hold Heart Screening Events for hearts of all ages. Sign up to host a screening at your school, workplace, or home.

Happy Humans

Become a Project Happy Hearts ambassador. Host events to inspire others and support heart healthy living.

Make a Donation

Every dollar helps! Support our mission by becoming a monthly donor or make a one time donation today.