“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Our team whole-heartedly believes that knowledge is the key power to living a longer, healthier, and happier life. We promise to use our platform to educate the world on the importance of living a heart healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.





We are committed to shifting in the medical world from treating heart disease to preventing heart disease. Each year, 200,000 of America’s deaths are caused by heart disease. All of them are preventable. We’re here to help.

Together is better. We’ve built communities across the country that regularly practice happiness together - a key to preventing heart disease.

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We provide heart screenings to communities across America. We encourage all humans with a heart to get their heart screened annually.

Project Happy Hearts EKG Heart Screening

What is an EKG: EKG tests check the rhythmic behavior of different chambers in your heart, showing you if your heart is enlarged, overworked or not functioning properly.

How do the tests work: The screening is a non-invasive 30-second test using a 6 lead device and the results are immediately sent to the test recipient.

All of our heart screening events come with an extra dose of happiness to make them occasions you’ll want to participate in year after year.

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Give Back

At our core we’re all about giving HAPPY to humans affected by congenital heart disease - the humans born with defected hearts. They couldn’t prevent it, but they can and should still live happy.

If you know someone who needs a dose of happiness, please contact us.