Heart Disease: It's Preventable!

For a few years I was consumed with learning about heart disease. Congenital heart disease to be specific. A disease that has no cure. I read several amazing success stories, but so many stories of devastation and despair too. I always said “CHD” didn’t define me, yet it did. My life was becoming so entrenched in the disease. I needed to get out.

So...I stopped reading. I stopped looking at anything that could trigger the fear that had dominated my life for the past several years. I cut myself off from my unhealthy relationship with heart disease. And let me tell you it felt so good! This is when I was truly able to focus on using my story to create a positive impact on the world.

Surrendering this fear, this negative relationship with heart disease and my own heart, helped me to gain freedom. Letting go has given me the opportunity to CREATE. Letting go has given me the opportunity to SERVE. Letting go has given me the opportunity to LIVE.

I transitioned my focus from treating my own heart disease to learning how I can live with it better and prevent it from getting worse. This meant focusing on both my physical and mental health. I stopped looking at the things I couldn’t do because of my heart and started doing the things I love that were good for my heart. So, here I am now sharing everything I have learned through my own journey with all of you.

Heart disease is the NUMBER ONE cause of death in America. BUT here is the amazing thing, 80% of Americans can prevent it. Project Happy Hearts is changing the medical world’s focus from treating heart disease to preventing it. Join us. It will make your life better in all aspects. We guarantee it!


What Project Happy Hearts is doing to help…..


We believe wider access to heart screenings will not only prevent acquiring heart disease later in life, but these screenings will save lives. Our team brings heart screening events to:

  • Companies

  • Universities

  • Schools

  • Organizations


Get moving! Find some sort of physical fitness you love and do it often. Project Happy Hearts is working on a movement to motivate humans to do activities that make their heart happy. We recently launched:

  • Project Happy Hikes

  • “____ makes your heart happy” movement (fill in the blank: running, hiking, yoga…)


At Project Happy Hearts we have seen first hand the correlation between physical and mental health. It is critical for your heart health to pay attention to your mental state. We believe the following helps:

  • Managing Stress

  • Practicing Happiness

  • Getting Quality Sleep


Life is better with people. We were not meant to live without other humans. Project Happy Hearts ia curating community groups and events to bring people together to make their heart happy. We recently launched:

  • Project Happy Hikes

  • Project Happy Hours

  • What’s another community you would like to see? Message us here!

I’m so excited about everything that is happening here at Project Happy Hearts and I’m also thankful for my journey. It has been an honor to share my story of living with heart disease with you all. I truly believe you can always find light in the darkness and good things take time. My hope is that you will join us, and start living for heart happiness.

xoxo, Heidi