Eat Happy

Have you ever wanted a dessert that makes your heart happy? Like really happy! Not just because it tastes delicious but because it’s also actually good for your heart. Well, we got you covered.

We interviewed our favorite Southern California whole foods bakery + raw dessert company so you could all start eating happy too! Ahhh you don’t live in Southern California…don’t worry, be happy Meet The Source ships nationwide.

Meet The Source: Raw Carrot Cake

Meet The Source: Raw Carrot Cake


Interview with Roxanne Golkar + Bradley Reitler

Why do you do what you do? We are passionate about providing healthy dessert options that actually taste good for people who have dietary restrictions! We also love that even people who aren’t into healthy eating try our products and are shocked when they find out everything is dairy free, gluten free, and plant-based!

What is your favorite thing about what you do? We get to work together and make people happy! So many of our customers are people who haven’t been able to have a dessert that they can actually indulge in for many years and we get to give them that option. Nothing is better!

What inspires you to keep going? First and foremost, it is definitely our customers. Without the support from them, we would not be where we are today. We also just love getting to work for ourselves and getting to choose the quality of our ingredients, the people we work with, and the huge sense of accomplishment we feel when we overcome obstacles that at times make us feel like we can’t keep going. We have learned so much about overcoming failures and learning how to keep pushing forward. It really makes everything we do worth it!

How is your business heart healthy? All our products are vegan and a great snacking option for anyone trying to live a clean lifestyle since we use such simple ingredients. We also like to think that we make people happy with what we do!  

What makes your heart happy and WHY? Traveling to new places because it gives us an opportunity to get away, see new places, experience new things and come back fully refreshed!

FAV Heart Health Workout? Swimming and Resistance Training

FAV Heart Health Food? Give us all the berries, avocados and dark chocolate!

FAV (Mental) Heart Health Activity? Hiking!

If you have never tried one of their treats, order some today. We promise they will make your heart happy!!


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