3 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

from a millennial girl with heart disease

I truly believe the future is female. I love our male counterparts, but time’s up boys it’s our turn to shine. Over the past seven years I have lived on and off in the Bay Area and have been in the trenches of Silicon Valley. Everything you hear is true. As an entrepreneur of a non tech company it is nearly impossible to be taken serious then add the minor fact that you are female and you might as well go sit down.

After graduate school at University of Southern California I moved from Los Angeles back to San Francisco. I continued working on my own company, but in order to live in the priciest city in the United States I needed to get a job that actually paid. So here I am a few years later working in venture capital and running a wellness nonprofit that promotes happiness and spreads awareness about heart disease. Trust me when I say venture capital and a wellness nonprofit do not go hand in hand. I live in a constant battle of what will make money and what will actually change the world. However, I do think Silicon Valley has taught me some very important lessons about the importance of prioritizing your health in order to be successful.

As I said, I truly believe the future is female, but in order to make this happen we have something very important to discuss. The heart. The fact is heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America. Approximately one woman is dying every minute. How can we be the future if our hearts are killing us off?

We all know it is important to stay physically healthy in order to prevent heart disease. Exercise, eat healthy, don’t smoke and rest. These are all things we can do if we commit to taking care of our bodies. However, a huge cause of heart disease that we don’t always think about is our emotional health. I believe this is the most important part of heart health. When you are in a good emotional state your overall health is much better. Below are three things to focus on for your emotional health to prevent heart disease and ensure that the future is female.


  • Relieve Stress


We live in an extremely fast paced world. You will do better if you slow down. Life is not a race. In fact it should be the opposite. Enjoy each moment whether you are working 10 hours a day or on vacation in a beautiful place. At times in Silicon Valley I have seen people literally running to the restroom, so they have less time away from their computer screen. Being busy doesn’t equal success. In fact the most successful people are those who make time for rest and enjoyment. You do not need to kill yourself to prove yourself. Go enjoy a yoga class, a walk outside or even have a private dance party in the bathroom if that’s the only place you can go. Stress is one of the biggest causes of heart attacks in America. Guess what, you can prevent that!


  • Build Community


I cannot stress enough how important community is. In a world where our main form of communication is through social media we often feel a sense of loneliness. Human connection is so necessary for your health. Find those people who build you up, inspire you, listen to you, teach you and love you. Hang out with them, talk on the phone with them, write letters to them as often as you can. These people will do wonders for your heart health.


  • Love Yourself


The world needs confident women who love themselves. Now is the time to learn to love yourself. It’s not all about your looks, or resume, or relationship status. It’s so hard in this day and age to not compare yourself to others, but listen to me when I say it does absolutely no good for you. Every human being has a different body type, a different skill set, a different personality. We are all uniquely and beautifully made and each have something amazing to contribute. Love yourself for who you are and if you aren’t liking yourself right now it’s time to make some changes. The more you love yourself the healthier you will become both physically and emotionally.

I hope you will reflect on these three areas and start working on them. It is never too late to make changes in your life and become a healthier individual. Personally I am constantly working on my own heart and how I can make it more healthy and happy. It isn’t always an easy journey, but if we choose our hearts the future will be female. I promise that your heart is worth the investment. So join me today in choosing to put your heart first because the future needs more wonderful women making the world a better place.