I had an entire blog post written with all these intense feelings and lessons I have learned…the whole nine yards and just erased it all. On this day I became the 100th baby at Boston Children’s Hospital to have the switch surgery to correct my condition of Transposition of the Greater Arteries. On this day I was given the gift of life.

Today, I am choosing to CELEBRATE and to thank all those who have supported and prayed for me throughout the years. Without my life saving surgery on November 7th I wouldn’t be here. Through the good days and the bad I’m thankful. As my dad says, “your circumstance may not change but attitude can. (and that makes all difference in the world.) ”

 1. A big THANK YOU to my mom, for popping me out and basically keeping me alive all these years.


2. THANK YOU to my dad for actually being the best “murse” there ever was whenever I’m sick and keeping a smile on my face.


3. THANK YOU to my two older sisters for always being there and not ever letting me off the hook.


4. The list is way too long to THANK everyone on here, but a huge THANK YOU to all who support my passion for living life with a happy heart and fighting heart disease with happiness!