heart day.

february 14th has so many different meanings.

for many it is a day to celebrate love.

for some it is a day that brings loneliness and sadness.

for heart warriors, it is the last day of congenital heart disease awareness week. (a disease often forgotten)


hey valentine.

no matter who you are and what your circumstance is ~ you are loved. on a day where many of us feel a sense of loneliness or sadness that our life isn’t exactly where it should be, we also must reflect on all of the love that surrounds us every single day. on this valentine’s day, we urge you to spread love and give back with us by donating to Project Happy Hearts. your donation will brighten the lives of those affected by congenital heart disease, people who are often sick, yet live happy despite their circumstances. we hope you receive and give love on this special day.


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