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Category - Holidays

heart day.

Empowerment, Gifts, Give Back, Giving, Good Vibes, Happiness, Happy Hearts, Heart, Heart Health, Holiday, Holidays, Impact, Inspiration, Lifestyle

heart day. february 14th has so many¬†different meanings. for many it is a day to celebrate love. for some it is a day that brings loneliness and sadness. for heart warriors, it is the last day of congenital…

10 Days of Christmas #GiveHappy Challenge

Challenge, Empowerment, Give Back, Happiness, Happy Hearts, Holidays, Impact, Inspiration, Motivation

During this week 2 years ago I was sitting in the doctor’s office with my mom as they were explaining how my heart surgery would work. After the appointment my mom and I got cupcakes from our favorite…

Holiday Health Tips: Make Your Holiday Workout an Event

Challenge, Empowerment, Events, Fitness, Give Back, Goals, Happiness, Happy Hearts, Health, Health Tip, Heart Health, hiking, Holidays, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Motivation, Music, Workout, Yoga

“Friends That Sweat Together Stay Together” Make your Holiday Workouts more fun with your friends 1. Plan a workout A Hike in yourArea SoulCycle Ride Hot Yoga Class Create a Circuit Workout 2. Start an Email Group Reach…

Holiday Health Tips: The Best 40 Minute Workout

Challenge, Empowerment, Fitness, Happiness, Happy Hearts, Health, Health Tip, Heart, Heart Health, Holidays, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Workout, Yoga

Let’s be real the holidays aren’t always happy. There tends to be so much pressure put on us with the endless amounts of shopping, parties and end of the year responsibilities. We also get worried about putting on…